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1 General, Scope of ApplicationuniPortal / uniportal-app.at offers employers, business customers and their representatives (the “Customer(s)”) to publish the employer´s company profile and Advertisements (“Ad”) on the app “uniPortal” or the domain uniportal-app.at (“Site”).

1.2 These terms and conditions (“Terms”) together with the order submitted by the Customer and accepted by uniPortal shall constitute the entire agreement between uniPortal and the Customer (“Agreement”) and shall apply to all contracts for the placement of Ads or the creation of a customer account on the Site. Any conflicting terms and conditions of the Customer shall not apply, unless uniPortal explicitly consents to them in writing.

1.3 uniPortal reserves the right to amend the Terms from time to time, in which case UNIPORTAL will publish a new version of the Terms on the Site. Any changes to the Terms shall only affect new orders for job postings, i.e. orders the Customer places after publication of the respective new version.

2 Conclusion of Ad Agreement

2.1 A binding agreement for the placement of an Ad is entered into by and between UNIPORTAL and the Customer when the Customer has submitted an order for an Ad, e.g. by using UNIPORTAL´s order form for Ads on the Site (“Order”), and UNIPORTAL accepts such Order. Acceptance of the Order may occur by confirming acceptance in text form, by issuing an invoice to the Customer or by publishing the Ad on the Site. A mere confirmation of receipt sent to the Customer electronically does not constitute a declaration of acceptance. UNIPORTAL reserves the right to refuse to accept an Order for any reason whatsoever.

2.2 In the event that the Customer acts as an agency or similar service provider, it hereby assures that it is authorized to publish an Ad on behalf of the company.

2.3 UNIPORTAL may demand the submission of an extract from the commercial register and other certificates as UNIPORTAL may deem necessary or appropriate to verify the Customer’s status.3 Service specifications

3.1 UNIPORTAL shall publish the Ads submitted by the Customer and accepted by UNIPORTAL on the Site in the agreed listing category and for the agreed period in a format determined by UNIPORTAL. UNIPORTAL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to correct obvious errors or omissions and to remove or change tags in any portion of the Ad before its publication, or to request the Customer to do so.

3.2 The Customer has the option to request by email an upgrade of the Ad at any time during the term of the Agreement, subject to an additional fee. The additional fee shall correspond to the difference between the fee for the Ad before and the fee for the upgrade.

3.3 UNIPORTAL may, but shall not be obliged to promote the Ads through UNIPORTAL´s marketing channels, e.g. email or social media channels including Facebook.

3.4 In addition, UNIPORTAL may provide the option for job seekers to share an Ad via email or their social media accounts.

3.5 Unless otherwise agreed in text form or the booking form each Ad will be published on the Site within two (2) business days after acceptance of the Order by UNIPORTAL and remain live for the period described in the product description.

3.6 After submission of an Ad, the Customer shall have the right to modify such Ad only to the extent that the ad purpose and description referred to in the Ad before remains the same. A change to the ad purpose or description shall be regarded as a new Ad.

3.7 UNIPORTAL has full discretion in determining the placement of an Ad on the Site. The Customer has no right to a specific placement, unless a specific placement is part of the offer.

3.8 UNIPORTAL will automatically remove each Ad from the Site after expiry of the agreed period or at any earlier date upon request of the Customer pursuant to clause 3.9.

3.9 The Customer may at any time request the removal of an Ad from the Site by submitting a removal request via email to UNIPORTAL. UNIPORTAL will generally remove an Ad from the Site within two (2) business days upon such request.

3.10 UNIPORTAL reserves the right to remove an Ad or other content from the Site if such content in the reasonable exercise of UNIPORTAL´s discretion does not comply with the specifications in clause 5 or clause 6 of these Terms. The same applies if a third party requests UNIPORTAL to remove certain content on legal grounds, unless the claim of such third party is obviously unjustified.

3.11 UNIPORTAL will not grant any refunds to the Customer for an Ad that has been removed by UNIPORTAL before the expiry of the agreed period pursuant to clause 3.9 or clause 3.10.

3.12 UNIPORTAL shall not be responsible to verify that an Ad is accurate or complies with applicable laws or regulations. UNIPORTAL in particular does not assume any liability whatsoever for the content of the Ad by accepting an Order. This also applies if UNIPORTAL conducts a content review before publishing an Ad.

3.13 The Customer acknowledges that the Site is publicly available and as such accessible by search engines, metasearch tools, crawlers or similar tools used by third parties. A third party might use such tools for example to download Ads and/or make them accessible on their own websites. UNIPORTAL shall not be liable for any such activities by third parties. Any requests for deletion must be placed directly with the respective third party.

4 General Obligations of the Customer

4.1 The Customer may only use UNIPORTAL´s services to promote a job or a service/product.

4.2 All information provided by the Customer to UNIPORTAL has to be true and complete.

4.3 The Customer has the sole responsibility to ensure that a submitted Ad satisfies the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations.

4.4 The Customer undertakes to refrain from using any scripts, software or other mechanisms in connection with the Site, in particular if such mechanisms are used to generate or obtain data from the Site or may negatively affect or disrupt the functions of the Site.

4.5 The Customer agrees to deal fairly and professionally with job seekers who respond to an Ad and not to do anything that may bring UNIPORTAL and/or the Site into disrepute.

5 Content of Ads

5.1 The Customer guarantees that each Ad submitted to UNIPORTAL will be true, complete and accurate and comply with all applicable laws and regulations and, in particular, that it does not:(a) contain false, inaccurate or misleading information;(b) refer to a job involving any illegal activity;(c) solicit employees by misrepresentation, such as misrepresentation of the terms of employment or the hiring entity;(d) directly or indirectly link to websites containing illegal content;(e) violate regulations pertaining to the press or media;(f) violate third party rights, including any intellectual property rights; or(g) violate anti-discrimination, data protection, unfair competition or advertising laws.(h) has another purpose as stated in the product description of the ad

5.2 In case of violation of the obligations under clause 5.1. the Customer shall indemnify UNIPORTAL on first demand from all claims and expenses that third parties assert against UNIPORTAL. The obligation to indemnify also extends to the necessary costs of legal defense incurred by UNIPORTAL. The aforementioned indemnification shall not apply if the Customer is not responsible for the violation.

5.3 If the Customer receives a legal warning due to an Ad posted on the Site during the contractual term of the Agreement or if a respective court order, judgement or any other court decision is served in that regard, the Customer shall inform UNIPORTAL hereof immediately in text form.

6 Granting of rights

6.1 By submitting an Order to UNIPORTAL, the Customer grants to UNIPORTAL a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to use, copy, store, distribute and publish the Ad submitted by the Customer for the purposes set forth in these Terms (including for marketing and promotional purposes) for the duration of the Agreement.

6.2 Furthermore, the Customer grants to UNIPORTAL a non-exclusive right, unlimited in time and territory to:(a) combine the data contained in the Ad with other data to create analysis and compilations of such aggregated data and to use, copy, process, store, modify, publish and disclose such combined data on an aggregate and anonymous basis for UNIPORTAL´s legitimate business purposes, during and after the term of this Agreement; and(b) use the Customer´s name, logos and trademarks for the purpose of listing and promoting the Customer and its Ads on the Site and in UNIPORTAL´s marketing materials, in press releases and as a reference or part of a portfolio for showcasing UNIPORTAL´s services to potential investors and other customers, for example as screenshots in presentations, in pitch decks or promotion videos.

6.3 The Customer guarantees that it is fully entitled to grant the rights under this clause 6. The Customer shall indemnify UNIPORTAL on first demand from all claims and expenses that third parties assert against UNIPORTAL in that regard. The obligation to indemnify also extends to the necessary costs of legal defense incurred by UNIPORTAL. The aforementioned indemnification shall not apply if the Customer is not responsible for the violation.

7 Fees, Payment

7.1 For each publication of an Ad on the Site and for additional services agreed on, the Customer shall pay to UNIPORTAL the fees quoted on the Site for the selected services.

7.2 All prices quoted on the Site or communicated otherwise to the Customer are exclusive of VAT. VAT shall be added where applicable.

7.3 UNIPORTAL will invoice the Customer immediately upon conclusion of an Agreement unless otherwise expressly agreed on in text form.

7.4 UNIPORTAL is entitled to send all invoices and correspondence in relation to invoices (including, but not limited to, dunning letters) as an attachment in an email. The Customer undertakes to provide UNIPORTAL with a valid email address for such purposes and shall promptly inform UNIPORTAL of any changes in such email address.

7.5 Payments shall fall due immediately after receipt of the respective invoice without deductions.

7.6 The Customer has the option to pay by means of credit card via Stripe or with PayPal.

7.7 The Customer must bear all bank fees.

8 Third party payment service provider

8.1 The Customer acknowledges that UNIPORTAL engages third party payment service providers for the processing of the payments made by the Customer. The processing of payments will be subject to the terms and conditions of such payment processors in addition to these Terms.

8.2 For payments by credit card, UNIPORTAL uses the payment service provider Stripe Inc., located at 185 Berry Street, Suite 550 San Francisco, CA 94107, USA (“Stripe”). Thus, if a Customer chooses payment by credit card the credit card details entered are transmitted to Stripe in the USA. Stripe’s terms of service can be found here: https://stripe.com/us/checkout/legal.

8.3 For payments by PayPal, UNIPORTAL uses the payment service provider PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l et Cie, S.C.A. (“PayPal”). If the Customer chooses to pay with PayPal the Customer will be asked to log in to the Customer´s PayPal account with its email address and password to confirm the payment. PayPal’s user agreement can be found here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full.

9 Confidentiality

9.1 Each party undertakes to hold in strict confidence all information that pertains to the other party’s business, including, without limitation, technical, marketing, financial, employee or planning information, pricing and/or other confidential or proprietary information that one party discloses to the other party and designates as “confidential” or “proprietary” at the time of disclosure, and to not disclose any such confidential information to third parties, other than to its employees, affiliated companies, subcontractors and/or outside counsels who need to know such information for the purposes of this Agreement and who will be bound in each case by appropriate confidentiality obligations.

9.2 The obligation of confidentiality pursuant to clause 10.1 does not apply to information that (a) is expressly intended for publication under the Agreement, (b) is or becomes publicly available, except as a result of unauthorized disclosure by the receiving party, (c) was already known to the receiving party prior to its receipt, (d) was independently developed by the receiving party without having known or used similar information of the providing party, or (e) was disclosed to the receiving party by a third party, who did not obtain said information by any unlawful means.

9.3 The foregoing obligations will not restrict either party from disclosing confidential information (a) pursuant to the order or requirement of a court, administrative agency, or other governmental body; (b) to the respective party´s legal or financial advisors; and (c) as required under applicable securities regulations. In addition, the foregoing obligations will not restrict UNIPORTAL from disclosing confidential information of the Customer to present or future providers of venture capital and/or potential private investors in or acquirers of UNIPORTAL, subject to customary restrictions.

9.4 The obligations under this clause 10 shall remain in place for a term of three (3) years following the termination of the Agreement.

10 Limited Liability

10.1 UNIPORTAL shall be unrestricted liable:(a) for damages caused intentionally or with gross negligence by UNIPORTAL, its legal representatives or vicarious agents;(b) for injury to life, body or health caused by the intent or negligence of UNIPORTAL, its legal representatives or vicarious agents;(c) for losses caused by the breach of primary obligations by UNIPORTAL, its legal representatives or vicarious agents. Primary obligations are such basic duties that form the essence of the Agreement, which were decisive for the conclusion of the Agreement and on the performance of which the Customer may rely. If UNIPORTAL, its legal representatives or vicarious agents, breach UNIPORTAL´s primary obligations through simple negligence, then UNIPORTAL´s ensuing liability shall be limited to the amount which was typically foreseeable at the time the respective service was performed; and(d) for losses arising from the lack of any warranted characteristics if applicable and up to the amount which is covered by the purpose of the warranty and which was foreseeable for UNIPORTAL at the time the warranty was given;(e) in accordance with the Product Liability Act.

10.2 Any further liability of UNIPORTAL for damages shall be excluded.

11 Term and Termination

11.1 The Agreement shall be effective from the date of UNIPORTAL´s acceptance of an order submitted by the Customer. The Agreement shall terminate automatically after the mutually agreed period has expired.11.2 The right to terminate this Agreement for good cause remains unaffected. Any such termination must be made in text form.

12 AssignmentNeither party may assign the Agreement or any of its rights or obligations hereunder to a third party without the other party´s prior written consent, provided however that UNIPORTAL may assign the Agreement in its entirety, without the Customer´s consent, in connection with a sale of all or substantially all of its assets or an incorporation of its business into a limited liability company. UNIPORTAL shall inform the Customer in text form of any such assignment.

13 Miscellaneous

13.1 In the event that any provision of these Terms shall be unenforceable or invalid under applicable law or be so held by an applicable court decision, such provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

13.2 The Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Austria.

13.3 The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all matters arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or its subject matter is Vienna.


1. Inhalt des Onlineangebotes

Der Autor übernimmt keinerlei Gewähr für die Aktualität, Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit der bereitgestellten Informationen und Funktionen in und auf unserem Internetangebot. Das Internetangebot schließt unsere Applikation (kurz App) und alle Teile davon, an sich mit ein. Haftungsansprüche gegen den Autor, welche sich auf Schäden materieller oder ideeller Art beziehen, die durch die Nutzung oder Nichtnutzung der dargebotenen Informationen oder Funktionen bzw. durch die Nutzung fehlerhafter und unvollständiger Informationen und Funktionen verursacht wurden, sind grundsätzlich ausgeschlossen, sofern seitens des Autors kein nachweislich vorsätzliches oder grob fahrlässiges Verschulden vorliegt. Alle Angebote sind freibleibend und unverbindlich. Der Autor behält es sich ausdrücklich vor, Teile des Internetangebotes oder das gesamte Internetangebot ohne gesonderte Ankündigung zu verändern, zu löschen, zu ergänzen oder die Veröffentlichung zeitweise oder endgültig einzustellen.

2. Verweise und Links

Bei direkten oder indirekten Verweisen auf fremde Webseiten (“Hyperlinks”), die außerhalb des Verantwortungsbereiches des Autors liegen, würde eine Haftungsverpflichtung ausschließlich in dem Fall in Kraft treten, in dem der Autor von den Inhalten Kenntnis hat und es ihm technisch möglich und zumutbar wäre, die Nutzung im Falle rechtswidriger Inhalte zu verhindern. Der Autor erklärt hiermit ausdrücklich, dass zum Zeitpunkt der Linksetzung keine illegalen Inhalte auf den zu verlinkenden Seiten erkennbar waren. Auf die aktuelle und zukünftige Gestaltung, die Inhalte oder die Urheberschaft der verlinkten/verknüpften Seiten hat der Autor keinerlei Einfluss. Deshalb distanziert er sich hiermit ausdrücklich von allen Inhalten aller verlinkten /verknüpften Seiten, die nach der Linksetzung verändert wurden. Diese Feststellung gilt für alle innerhalb des eigenen Internetangebotes gesetzten Links und Verweise sowie für Fremdeinträge in vom Autor eingerichteten Gästebüchern, Diskussionsforen, Linkverzeichnissen, Mailinglisten und in allen anderen Formen von Datenbanken, auf deren Inhalt externe Schreibzugriffe möglich sind. Für illegale, fehlerhafte oder unvollständige Inhalte und insbesondere für Schäden, die aus der Nutzung oder Nichtnutzung solcherart dargebotener Informationen entstehen, haftet allein der Anbieter der Seite, auf welche verwiesen wurde, nicht derjenige, der über Links auf die jeweilige Veröffentlichung lediglich verweist.

3. Urheber- und Kennzeichenrecht

Der Autor ist bestrebt, in allen Publikationen die Urheberrechte der verwendeten Bilder, Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zu beachten, von ihm selbst erstellte Bilder, Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zu nutzen oder auf lizenzfreie Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zurückzugreifen. Alle innerhalb des Internetangebotes genannten und ggf. durch Dritte geschützten Marken- und Warenzeichen unterliegen uneingeschränkt den Bestimmungen des jeweils gültigen Kennzeichenrechts und den Besitzrechten der jeweiligen eingetragenen Eigentümer. Allein aufgrund der bloßen Nennung ist nicht der Schluss zu ziehen, dass Markenzeichen nicht durch Rechte Dritter geschützt sind! Das Copyright für veröffentlichte, vom Autor selbst erstellte Objekte bleibt allein beim Autor der Seiten. Eine Vervielfältigung oder Verwendung solcher Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte in anderen elektronischen oder gedruckten Publikationen ist ohne ausdrückliche Zustimmung des Autors nicht gestattet.

4. Rechtswirksamkeit dieses Haftungsausschlusses

Dieser Haftungsausschluss ist als Teil des Internetangebotes zu betrachten, von dem aus auf diese Seite verwiesen wurde. Sofern Teile oder einzelne Formulierungen dieses Textes der geltenden Rechtslage nicht, nicht mehr oder nicht vollständig entsprechen sollten, bleiben die übrigen Teile des Dokumentes in ihrem Inhalt und ihrer Gültigkeit davon unberührt.

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